Monday, August 06, 2012

Egg white mask to remove blackheads

A natural way to remove blackheads using egg white, I've been using this since my teens and it works wonder for me! My method is very simple and here I show you how I do it.

1. You need 1 egg and 1 cotton pad.
2. Peel off the outer layer of the cotton pad, you only need this thin layer to make the peeling mask.
3. Wash the egg, make a hole in it to let out the egg white, this way saves you the trouble of separating the egg yolk. You only need a tablespoon of egg white.
4. Dip the peeled cotton pad into the egg white, you can fold it like I do or just use the whole piece to cover more area around your nose.

5. Place the dipped cotton pad onto your nose. Now wait for the mask to dry out! You can still do your things while waiting for it to dry.
6. Peel the mask off when it dries. I enjoy peeling off the nose mask slowly.
7. Wash your face to clean up any residues. My nose is always so smooth and soft after this, the best thing is that the blackheads are gone instantly.
8. This is how the nose mask looked like after being peeled off. Hahaha, anyway give it a try and see the results for yourself.


Sungri94 said...

hoho c oj cham update blog the :D

Bear Bear said...

Em phai phan^' dau^' cham chi giong' chi day^'! :P