Sunday, August 05, 2012

Some thoughts on London Olympics

Ever since the Olympics started, we've been spending time in front of the TV as much as we could. For someone that is not able to sit still like me, this is almost impossible.

I don't really care about the scandals or the remarks about how the London stadium should look, I just love the Games! I even marked down my favorite games to watch everyday and read all the latest news. I admire most of the athletes' amazing bodies! I especially love watching beach volleyball, women's pole vault, all the athletics, shooting, judo, swimming, rowing, sailing, modern pentathlon, all the cycling, archery, almost every games!!! Sometimes I have thoughts after watching some games.

Just now, after watching the Men's 20km Race Walk, my thought was: "what a tough race, it's easy to get physical exhaustion walking that long!" When I saw some of the athletes get disqualified, I was like: "No, that's cruel, they almost complete the race!"

But really, life is just as tough as how the games play, one have to follow the rules to be in the game, there's no exception! Also, human mental strength is tougher than anything, it's the spirit that keeps you moving forward despite your physical strength, even though you still have to follow your principles. In the end, never quit, finish your race when you're still in the game!

Another thought while watching London Olympics 2012, that's London will be a destination for us to visit someday!

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