Thursday, March 08, 2012

Living a healthier life

Nowadays, I'm concerned about good health and taking care of our well being. I've grown deep into adulthood or should I say aunty-dom! I avoid eating too much oily stuff and cutting down on spicy food! I cook at home more often to reduce the intake of unhealthy food outside.

Fruits, besides vegetables are what I love to shop the most on our grocery days. I like to stock up variety of fruits depending on the season.

Currently we have these fruits in our fridge, they are red Anjou pears, Taiwan star fruits, oranges, rock melon, passion fruits, pineapples, Taiwan guavas, Taiwan jujubes and bananas.

Exercising is important to stay healthy and drink lots of water to keep myself hydrated! I'm not a fan of gassy and sweet drinks. I like sour taste, so lemon juice or green apple juice are my favourite.

Happy Women's Day! I love being a woman!

Always my favourite song. "Home" by Paul van Dyk feat. Johny McDaid.

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