Sunday, March 25, 2012

My adventure to Arrietty world

I spent my lovely weekend on a blissful walk to Japanese Garden.

I was a little grumpy because of the "endless summer" heat in Singapore. It's only March, yet the temperature was up to 34 degrees.

Then as soon as I walked into Japanese Garden, I felt like I'm wandering in Arrietty world.

My happy mood began when I spotted a Lotus pond, there's one Vietnamese folk song suddenly rushed into my head:

"Trong đầm gì đẹp bằng sen
Lá xanh bông trắng lại chen nhị vàng
Nhị vàng, bông trắng lá xanh
Gần bùn mà chẳng hôi tanh mùi bùn"

The translation is:

"In the pond there is none prettier than the lotus
Green leaves, white petals and yellow stamens
Yellow stamens, white petals and green leaves
It rises out of the mud but does not smell of mud"

Water, my most affectionate element, I like to capture water movements when I see any.

I especially like this picture that captured the shadow of trees on water. I could work on a nice painting from that.

Following stone pavements and floral trails in my determination to discover someone from the secret world of Arrietty.

I found their world, I believed! There, their enchanted forest, their comlicated railway tracks and their villages...

Continue following their railway tracks that led me to the red bridge. I was closer to Arriety world, really!

I also found their spring water system!!! It's very cute!!!

Love the parasol, it matched the bridge perfectly!

Oh, their "shrines" are everywhere! Oki-gata actually!!! I'd like to think they are Buddhist!

I had a tendency to eat any berry-like fruits that I found when I was younger. Luckily I didn't come across any poisonous berries before. Sometimes I still tell Lg, I know this berry, it's edible!!! Lg often scream:"No, stop it!" and pull me away as far as possible from the tree!

Some random shots Lg captured and I like! Hahaha!

I shall end this post with my jump shots!!! I can create any style of jumping easily! I often fly in my dreams!

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