Thursday, March 15, 2012

Xiao Bai's trip to the vet

We brought Xiao Bai for his annual overall health check up!

But Xiao Bai and I both have a love-hate relationship for going to the pet clinic!

For Xiao Bai, he's always excited to see his doggie bag and he would get into the bag as soon as he saw it! He knows he is going on a long trip, but he doesn't like the vaccinations and all the check-ups including heart, kidney and blood tests.

For me the hate part is the bill of course! Hahaha, I like the vet though, she is a nice person!

Xiao Bai was extremely nervous inside the clinic! He clung to me all the time! Even some other strangers there looked at him and said his action was adorable!

After Xiao Bai's check up, we enjoyed nice ice creams at Gelato Art in Sunset Way! I like the XO Cranberry ice cream there.

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