Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A new layout for my blog

For quite a while, I wanted to make a new layout for my blog, soon after I came back to blogosphere. This afternoon, I spent hours to figure out the complicated HTML once again and finally I'm happy with the new look of my blog. I even made a new header myself! I'm very proud of my patience!!! Hahaha!!!

Isn't my new layout sweet?

Yesterday I've discoverd a wild mulberry tree near to our house!!! I was so happy picking out all the red fruits and popping them into my mouth, despite the horror look on Lg's face!!! Hahaha, I've never found any mulberries sold in Singapore and I missed this fruit so much!!!

I'm eager to go back to that tree everyday, but I could only pick a handful of mulberries each time!

My usual look in my jogging attire, actually I'm more of a brisk walking person. I walk really fast!!!

P/s: My friends told me they still like my old blog's layout, I don't think it looks bad too, but I like my new layout better! Anyway, I've been using the old layout for so long, it's time for a change!


Jerine said...

Your new layout is so cute!!!

Bear Bear said...

Thanks! :D