Sunday, March 11, 2012

Saturday Shopping

I was quite touched when Lg initially suggested to buy new sandals for me. When I was picking out my bohemian sandals to match with my dress...

He asked: "Do you have more styles of similar sandals to match with your girly outfit?"

I answered casually: "Ya, but I like these Steve Madden sandals, so I kinda wear them more often lately! Why do you ask so?"

Lg: "Because...let's shop for your new Steve Madden shoes today!"

I couldn't blink my eyes for a while and really happy!

With my head floating on the clouds, we went straight to Ion Orchard and he personally chose two pairs of Steve Madden shoes for me!!! I felt super loved and spoilt by him!

These are my new shoes!!! Both have upper leather with nice shades of nude colors!!! Plus their designs are super sexy!!!

I love Saturday! It's my shopping day with Lg!!!

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