Sunday, April 29, 2012

Haw Par Villa

A trip when I was in hiatus and now I decided to post it on my blog!

To most of Singaporeans, Haw Par Villa is like a godforsaken place! But I'd never been there before, so I made a trip there. I was happy to see how well perserved this place was.

Lots of colorful statues that are rich in Chinese culture!
Better than my expectations.

Doing what I do best when I'm in a happy mood!

Saw some nice paintings on the wall!

Reached the Wishing Well area! I rang the bell for my wishes!

In front of Hell Gate, I was reluctant to go in because it's dark inside, but I was also curious about what would happen in Hell!

My curiousity won me over! Hahahah! Erm, it's not scary at all!

After going through Hell, I came across a red-eared slider walking on the road!

Found a silly looking horse.

Explored the rest of Haw Paw Villa.

This place is huge! I was totally amazed and glad I made a trip there!

Ending this post with some beautiful scenes at Haw Par Villa and showing a hidden part of me. Grrr!!! I am a tigress!

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Steven said...

Nice Photos u go there. :)