Sunday, April 08, 2012

Healing Garden

There's a new garden called Healing Garden at Singapore Botanic Gardens. It's been years since my last visit to the Botanic Gardens, so I made a trip there.

I dressed up for my garden trip this time, my outfit matched my Pen E-P3!!!

When we reached Botanic Gardens, an afternoon shower came and refused to go away. We avoided the big rain in some shelter and continued our trip in the drizzle.

Surprisingly, the pictures looked fresh and dreamy when taken in the rain.

I practically like all the gardens including the Healing Garden, because most of the plants there are used medicinally, so I've got a chance to learn and know more about useful plants.


Anonymous said...

Nice photographs. I am proud that I was the Project Manager of the Healing garden when I was working for Prince Landscape. Memories recollected. Please post if you have more photographs on healing garden.

When the garden was developed it has lots of Trees, Shrubs and Herbs of Medicianal importance many of them imported from Malaysia and India. Wondering whether those herbs still exists or not.

Best Regards,

Lambert Winston.

Bear Bear said...

Sorry for my late reply!

By the way, we weren't able to walk much that day due to the rain. But we intend to visit Botanic Gardens again soon and I'll make sure to take more photos of the Healing Garden and I will post it on my blog!