Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Being natural

I'm currently into being natural! Being natural does not mean neglecting my personal hygiene and self grooming. Also, I'm not against artificial beauty or plastic surgery. It's just my preference that being natural is the best I can be. At the moment of course, I'm not sure if I change my mind in the future!

Heavy makeup is the worst enemy for the skin! I try not to wear any makeup at all nowadays. It saves my time to get ready when going out!

To maintain healthy and glossy skin is a long term commitment! I apply moisturizer every night and wear sunblock in day time, exfoliate and put on a mask once or twice a week! It's nothing have to do with good skin genes, just diligent skin care regimen!

Everyone's skin is different, I've used so many different skin care products until I found those that work best for me!

Remember never squeeze your pimples, apply pimple cream instead. Make sure to drink plenty of water everyday, about six to eight glasses a day.

Lg bought this pot of roses for me! Love it! It smells so nice!!! I will take good care of it!

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