Thursday, May 10, 2012

Fort Canning Park

We went to another trail in the city, Fort Canning Park.

It's the journey that matters, not the destination. It's fun to start a journey and complete it in a happy mood!

We spotted a few Kingfishers near to the entrance the moment we reached there. I'm glad that I was able to stand so close to them and snapped some pictures.

Walking up the stairs and we were ready to explore Fort Canning Park, the most historic part of Singapore.

Walked passed the Raffles Terrace area, where Sir Stamford Raffles chose to build his bungalow. Saw a huge rain tree and had the urge for a jump picture with it!

Jumping always give me an energy boost. There I challenged myself to climb up the tough vines, but my hand strength failed me! Got to work on those arms!

At Picnic Terrace, had a good time hopping and jumping that sweat me out a lot. Come to think of it, I must have burned my energy faster than other people because of my happy feet!

Then I saw red seeds on the floor, it's from a Saga tree! Immediately squatted down to pick up as much as I could, will make something out of these seeds when I collect enough.

Reached the Sally Port and The Battle Box. Dang, we did not enter because it was closed after 6 pm.

We continued our journey and I still had the energy to play happily on our way.

Saw some heritage trees, Madras Thorn and Kapok, it's funny that Madras Thorn is not thorny but bumpy while Kapok is.

Found the Flame of the Forest in full bloom! Felt nostalgic because this tree is a symbol of my hometown and it's called Phoenix tree there. Had a bird's eye view of Clarke Quay across the road and the Marina Bay ship up in the sky.

We rushed to complete our journey before it turned totally dark. As always, I used up all my energy to the last bit and felt exhausted towards the end of the journey! So we took a stroll back to Orchard instead of brisk walking.

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