Sunday, May 27, 2012

City wanderlust

Didn't expect a spectacular birthday, but had a blessed one this year! So many sweet surprises from everyone!

Lately, I have a lot of thoughts on my life! Used to care less about future and just live a comfortable lifestyle! But it's been long enough to stay in a safe zone. It's time to look forward to achieving better than just being contented.

I like red in my color template lately. Feeling a little more ambitious!

We was passing the Red Dot Design Museum and the first time we actually walked in and visited the museum! An ambitious girl suddenly became a cheerful girl and decided to stay happy-go-lucky for the moment.

Then we just walked street after street as I was in the mood of wandering!

Came across this Ann Siang Hill Park and just walked through it anyway.

I love to smile, it's quite tough to keep a worried face even when I have full of thoughts in my head.

The scenery from the hill was lovely!

Oh, I often use Diorama Mode with my Pen E-P3! Love the miniature feel!

Had a closer look at the city and felt grateful to be here!

From now on, I will fight to bring out the best in me! I won't succumb to failure anymore! Happy birthday to a stronger me!

"Gotta keep this trailer moving, no time to cry
So lonely days I say goodbye
Gotta live for today so life won't pass me by..."

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