Thursday, May 31, 2012

Growing a pineapple house plant

We both love to eat pineapples! Conveniently pineapple crowns can easily be grown as house plants! I show you how!

First, pick a pineapple with a pretty crown, I usually buy it from the supermarket.

Separate the crown from the body by wrapping the crown with a cloth and twist it hard! You can also use your bare hands to twist it but I don't wish to hurt my hands!

The crown then would come out easily after a twist! Now, inspect the base of the leaves to eliminate any scale insects. You want a healthy plant!

Pull out some lower leaves to bare the stalk. You would spot some small brown-colored bumps, those are roots.

I like to pull out all the brown leaves to make it even neater! Then just put it somewhere dry to air it for 2 days and you can plant it straight onto the soil! It's simple like that! Make sure the first time you grow it, the soil is moist but not damp! It would just magically sprout out more roots and become a pretty house plant!

I discovered that pineapple crowns can also be grown like air plants too! Sometimes when I gather too many pineapple crowns, I would leave them hanging around and mist them with water once a week. They will continue living healthily and sprout more leaves without any soil.

They need little care and are very drought resistant. I only water them once a week and never feed them fertilizer at all!

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