Monday, January 05, 2009

Taiwan trip 2008 Part 1

My Taiwan trip photos.

At Terminal 3. We reached the Changi Airport early, around 10am. After checking in, we still walked around taking photos and shopping.

A cute Candy House in the airport.

Decorated gazebo.

On the flight. We took Singapore Airlines.

Beautiful sky with candy floss clouds.

We reached Taipei around 6 pm, we had a wonderful dinner with our first sister's family. They always picked us up the first day we reached Taiwan. These candle cups were displayed outside the restaurant. From our window view, I could see lots of passersby stopping and taking photos. I could even see some people playing with sparklers nearby.


We spotted this strangely patterned sky in the next morning. It looks like there was a hole in the cloud.

Beautiful view nonetheless.

That's Jing Jing on my shoulder, our third sister's chihuahua. We stayed at her place throughout the two weeks holiday.

Walking on the peaceful road near our place.

And spotted these pretty flowers.

Another pretty flower in the morning sunshine.

Inside Breeze Center. A popular shopping mall in Taipei city.

Eating at the food court inside Breeze Center. That's ramen! Who would eat ramen the second day in Taiwan? It's not mine. It's my Lg's.

This soup is mine. Ma La Ya Xue soup, it's spicy duck blood soup. My favourite!

Ginger bread house displayed inside Breeze Center.

We had our dinner at Pal N' Pals restaurant with our third sister's family. They sell German food, mainly sausages and roasted pork legs. The food is fantastic! The kids love the roasted pork legs here.

After a filling meal, we walked around the Xin Dian area for some shopping.

Pretty neon lights.

Late night, we went to this night market and bought some snacks.

I like the deep fried squid tentacles here the most. The tastiest, the biggest tentacles I've ever tried.

That's some photos of our first few days in Taiwan. See you again in my next update!


jerine said... first sight i thought you brought your dog to taiwan *wink. I've never seen such sky. It's amazing

YANZ said...

wow, nice pics... taiwan looks like a nice place to visit =D

Wassup2all said...

Hey blog hopped here! nice blog!

lavitz said...

Woooaaaaaa that is very interesting place...

Want to visit taiwan also ^^

eMz said...

wow, excellent photos! ^_^

looks like you had an excellent holiday! i'm wondering if that candy house is edible... hehe!

Bear Bear said...

@ Jerine: I wish to bring Xiao Bai with me though.
That's the first time I've saw such a strange sky, as if someone bombed a big hole right there. :P


@ Yanz: Thanks Yanz! :D


@ Wassup2all: Thanks for hopping by. I wanted to hop to your blog too. But your profile is not accessible! :(


@ Lavitz: Buy a ticket!!! Heee...^^


@ eMz: noooo, don't bite it! *pulling eMz away from the Candy House* @_@