Thursday, January 08, 2009

Taiwan trip 2008 Part 2

My Taiwan trip photos ~ Part 2~!

21/12/2008 - 22/12/2008

A popular street selling computer and electronic stuffs in Taipei.

Jing Hua Cheng, Living Mall.

These Charlie bears are displayed inside the Living Mall. They are the world's highest quality teddy bears made by a German brand called Steiff.

They are cute!

But very expensive!

I jumped onto this car to make a phone call! My " Hello? What? Har?" expression scared the bear sitting opposite of me!

A pizza!

A tiny elephant!

In winter season in Taipei, the sky turned dark around 5pm. So all the Christmas trees light up around that time too.

The winds were very strong and the rain was cold. I put on my Eskimo jacket most of the time.

After eating at our favourite beef noodle stall with our first sister, we went back to her house. I was playing with Po Po, her Pomeranian dog.


At Wu Fen Pu area. This is the place that you can buy cheap and yet fashionable clothes, shoes and accessories. Usually people come here to buy stuffs in bulk. So the roads were often jammed with delivery trucks and motorcycles. I was impressed at how the trucks could squeeze inside the tiny roads.

A temple nearby Wu Fen Pu.

Part of the roof of the temple.

Did you notice anything funny in this photo? The pedestrian crossing road is so short, but the traffic light timer is very long, 55 seconds to cross that short distance. After crossing the road at a very slow speed, I still managed to capture this photo at 33 seconds.

And look at the traffic light in front of the shop. I wondered if I really need to wait for the green light to go inside the shop?

Xi Men Ding area. Another busy area to shop for fashionable stuffs. I saw lots of youngsters gathering in this area. I also notice many differences between Taiwan and Singapore culture, firstly most of the Taiwanese dress up and makeup prettily even just walking on the streets, but Singaporeans don't even bother to dress up, most of them just like to wear T-shirts, shorts and flip-flops everywhere. I find that quite a shabby image. But for me, I dress up most of the time.

Another thing I like in Taiwan better than in Singapore is that you don't see prams often here. Taiwanese like to carry kids in their arms or hold the kid's hand to walk along with them. But in Singapore, there are too many prams, I've experienced lots of times getting my toes run over by a pram. It hurts!

After walking so much around the Xi Men Ding area, we had our dinner at this popular goose meat restaurant. It's always so crowded and not cheap too!

But the goose meat and their noodles are delicious. It's worth it!


We went to Lungshan temple with our first sister. This temple was built in 1738. This temple has a very deep historical background that made it so popular now. It was said that during the Second World War, the temple was bombed by the Japanese, the whole temple was destroyed. However upon discovery by the villagers, the Guan Yin buddha statue still stood firmly without any damages at all. Therefore after restoring the temple, many people come to this temple to pray.
Lungshan temple.

The temple's wall.

The temple's gate.

The front yard of the temple.

Inside the temple.

When I was a small kid, my mother used to bring me and my sisters to the temple to pray and read Sutras almost everyday from 7pm to 8pm, unless she was sick or busy. She said it's good for our soul. Now as I grow older, when I see a temple, I like to walk inside and pray by myself.

I noticed that there were lots of young people coming here to pray too.

We went to Sogo after that.

Merry Christmas sign at Sogo!

Swarovski exhibition inside Sogo!

Cute Swarovski Bear!

Had dinner with our first sister's family at a Qiu Ji barbecue restaurant. Delicious!

That day was my Lg's birthday. Happy birthday to my dearest Lg! Lg said his cake looks like for a girl, hahahah. I think it was chosen by my cute nephews.

It's enough for today's entry. See you again in my next post!


Jerine said...

hahaha..i thought i'm the only one that got my toes ran over by pram. sometimes, the parent just look at me as if i want to kidnap their baby. i feel taiwan road is really complicated and small. otherwise, the shopping is really good. i want the bear....*sniff

Bear Bear said...

Ya, true! I hate those parents that don't even bother to say sorry. If I ever have a kid next time, I tell myself not to have a pram.

Taiwan roads jam most of the time. *Sigh*

eMz said...

maybe singaporeans got the pram culture from the brits? it was the same thing in the England -- prams everywhere pushed by sexy mums who dress better than me! XP

Bear Bear said...

Really? I didn't know there are pram madness in England too.

Marlene Affeld said...

Watmest wishes for the Happiest of New Years. I follow your blog with interest and enjoy your photos.

Sorry about your damaged toes -

For some photos on another part of the world, I hope you will visit my blog:

Bear Bear said...

Thanks Marlene Affeld for stopping by and dropping me your comment! ^^

Jocelyn said...

*stares at bear bear's entries with envy eyes*


hahahaha !! so did u call ur sister up? :p

Bear Bear said...

I did! And we chatted for 2 hours! ^^

doow said...

Great photos, it was interesting to see a little of Taiwan.

Bear Bear said...

Thanks Doow!

mabel low said...

Wah. So many nice pictures.
Droppin by (:


Bear Bear said...

Thanks Mabel! ^^