Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Taiwan trip 2008 Part 4


On the Taiwan High Speed Rail to Hsin Chu to visit our second sister's family.

The Taiwan High Speed Rail.

These seashells are some of our second brother-in-law's collection.

Amazing collection!!!

Had a wonderful dinner at Ying Jiu Ju restaurant. Their food was fantastic and their service was awesome!

I like to drink Sake because it can hardly get me drunk.

More Sake!


At a strawberry farm with second sister's family.

Searching for big and pretty strawberries.

Found it!

Cut it!

A cute strawberry with pink petals.

Second brother-in-law and his daughter!

Having a good time together!

At a tomato farm next to the strawberry farm.

Second sister and her husband drove us to the next destination, the Green World. For more information of that place please visit their website Here.

At the Birdwatching Area.

In the Discovery Land Area. You can be so close to the animals.

Cactus garden.

Biodiversity Adventure Area.

Ambystoma Mexicanum. They are salamanders that remain aquatic and gilled.

Inside the Rain Forest Sky Way.

It was drizzling non stop that day. So we couldn't visit many other places in Green World. :(

In the Water Plants Park!

Tiny pretty flowers!

Looking so fresh!

Like a snow flake!

Since we were near to the Hakka village, we went to this very traditional shop for some Hakka desserts.

This view reminded me of some old poems.

Still thinking about those poems while everyone else was busying preparing the dessert.

Green tea mochi.

At this dessert shop, you can grind a mixture of tea leaves, sesames, peanuts to make a Lei Cha by yourself. It's a unique way and tasty!

Having Ma La Ya Xue steamboat at Tai He Dian restaurant with our second sister's family. Very delicious!!!

On the train back to Taipei. Exhausted!

With two full boxes of strawberries!

To be continued...


Jerine said...

i've never seen that ambystoma mexicanum before. it looks like an alien to me

icancarryallthebagsandthebabiestoo said...

Wow! These pictures are AMAZING. I don't know anything about Taiwan. Everything I see on this page is so beautiful. The food, the strawberry picking, the animals...

Jocelyn said...

bear bear ~~~~~~~~ didn't u reserve some strawberries for me ?!! *laughs*

Bear Bear said...

To Jerine: lol I think the same too. :D


To icancarryallthebagsandthebabiestoo:

I'm glad you like those pictures. Thanks for leaving me your sweet comment. ^^


To Jocelyn: sure girl, I'll pass to you when we meet. *cheeky smile*

Harmony said...

Ohhh very nice, taiwan is great. Feel like going back again

eMz said...

ooh! strawberry picking is one of my favourite things to do! XD

JoJo said...

The strawberry look exactly different from what i bought in supermarket. This one so fresh and juicy ^_^