Sunday, January 18, 2009

Taiwan trip 2008 Part 5

Photos of our last few days in Taiwan.

Last few days we spent more time staying at home and went out for lunch or dinner with our sisters' family.

Had lunch at this Teppanyaki restaurant with third sister's family.

Had afternoon tea at Dean & Deluca with third sister.

The next day, third sister brought us to this Sweets Hello Kitty restaurant.

Their menu is very cute!

Their cakes look very cute too and my nephew is super cute!!!

Cute latte!


Awww!!! Even their restroom is so cute!

Happy New Year 2009!

Lunch at Yum Cha restaurant.

Dinner at Nanajyoutatsu restaurant with my first sister's family! My favourite restaurant!

Afternoon tea at Aunt Stella's.

Dinner at a sushi restaurant with third sister's family.

On the day we were going back to Singapore, we woke up early at 5 in the morning preparing to go out to this orange farm and a strawberry farm. Our third brother-in-law drove us and his family all the way from Taipei to Hsin Chu and to the airport after that.

Cutting oranges.

Third sister and her sons.

At a strawberry farm.

I can see my face getting chubbier after staying in Taiwan.

I love going out with my two nephews!!!

Off to the airport.

I don't like to say goodbye! But still...see you again soon...Thanks to all our sisters and their families for everything that you did to make our holiday so perfect and memorable! I appreciate that very much!

Hello Kitty gift gate!

I couldn't resist cuteness!

These put smiles on my face!


Back to Singapore!


Jerine said...

omg...i want to scream!!!! i love those hello kitty stuff!!!!!!!!

JoJo said...

I'm not really fans of hello kitty but the latte is cute XD

Jocelyn said...

omg ~ those hello kittys are cute ! haha !!

Xjion89 said...

Oooo, I am not a hello kitty fan. But, those hello kitties are sooooooo cute(^^)

eMz said...

i just love the hello kitty latte art! it makes me wanna book a ticket to taiwan now now now! XD

Sumuk said...

the ice cream looks so irresistable!! *drooling*

Anonymous said...

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