Sunday, January 11, 2009

Taiwan trip 2008 Part 3

My Taiwan trip photos ~ Part3 ~


Went to Jin Gua Shi, Gold Ecological Park. For more information of that place please visit their website Here.

Bridge with a mountain view.

Standing at the bridge.

What was my sister pointing at?

She wanted to show me this! Heehee!

Inside the Crown Prince Chalet.

The Crown Prince Chalet is the replica of the Japanese imperial palace.

It is the most distinctive building of the remaining Japanese-style wooden building in Taiwan.

Beautiful landscaped front courtyard.

In the back are an archery field and a miniature golf course.

A pond inside the garden.

Inside Benshan Fifth Tunnel.

"Why are you acting like me?"
"What? I can't hear you!"

Inside the Museum of Gold.

Touching the Guinness World Record 220kg gold brick!

Making my own coin pattern.

A hidden route to the mysterious world! The door was locked! So we couldn't have a chance to go in.

Pretty flowers on a mountain.

Climbing up the stairs!

Training my leg muscles!

Beautiful landscape with maple leaves.

Saw this temple on the way to the Jiou Fen Old Street.

Peaceful view!

At Jiou Fen Old Street.

You can always sample the food before buying at Jiou Fen Old Street.

These meat balls are cheap and tasty!


The famous 101 building.

Having a Barista coffee at the roof top of Shin Kong Mitsukoshi shopping mall. You can still see the 101 building just behind me.

I love tiramisu!

Enjoying the quiet moment...

Enjoying the simplicity of life...

"Suddenly time...feels like the wind...It changes everywhere I go...I'm just trying to fit in...Now here I stand, I'm still just that girl...But I'm gonna be positive, not run away...This is life!... "
Shin Kong Mitsukoshi shopping mall area.

Hugging a bear!

Shin Kong Mitsukoshi shopping mall night view.

There were lots of street performances along the road.

This performer would stand still, until someone donated some money into her little black round box, then she would start to blink her eyes, smile and dance. I could even hold her hand to take a picture.

At Shihlin night market. It's always very crowded!

My favourite snack, traditional sugar coated strawberries.

Waiting for my barbecue corn. These BBQ corns are very special. They are barbecued and coated with layers and layers of sauce, that's why it's very tasty!

Night view of the 101 building.

I'll update about my trip again soon!


Marlene Affeld said...

Love your pictures - always interesting - what a fun life you live. Wishing you the best in the year ahead.

Anonymous said...

Nice nice!!


Jerine said...

they have the coin machine there too? feel like eating the meatball. i looks so tasty. i guess i have to move to taiwan for a few weeks in my quest to gain weight

Bear Bear said...

Thanks Marlene Affeld and OBI. :)
@ Jerine: No, they don't have a coin machine there. Just a coin pattern tracing table. :P

Jocelyn said...

wahahahaha !! tat picture of u covering ur ears and squatting down really cracks me up !!

upload more pictures soon!! can't wait to see all of them ~ making me miss taiwan too ! :(

eMz said...

stunning views! i especially like Crown Prince Chalet & that tiramisu looks so yummy! XD

Bear Bear said...

to Jocelyn: really? Heee!!! *tickle you some more* :D

The last update is coming soon!

to eMz: thanks babe! ^^