Saturday, September 08, 2012

Easy Pancakes

Our recent craze is home cooked pancakes!!! Yummy, soft and fluffy pancakes with butter, maple syrup and jam, it's quite addictive!

My fast way to cook pancakes is to use Morinaga pancake mix. It comes with 4 pack of 150 gm each.

Preparation and cooking pancakes are easy! Take one pack of flour out, use a mixing bowl and mix flour with an egg and a cup of milk, roughly 100ml to 140ml. Heat the non-stick pan then set to low heat to cook pancakes, without oil! Flip pancakes to cook both side then done! Spread butter on pancakes and enjoy with maple syrup or jam!

Note: I used a 12cm frying pan to make about 7 to 10 pancakes, depending on the thickness of each pancake.

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