Saturday, September 29, 2012

Pretty hair with coloured tresses

I bought 2 boxes of Liese Bubble Hair Color, even though I did not intend to dye my hair anytime soon, but because each box comes with a free coloured hair extension.

There were 3 colours that I saw today, I chose baby pink and fuschia pink, the other colour was very dark blue! Quite regretted that I didn't buy it, maybe tomorrow I'll go get it!!! By the way, the offer lasts till 3rd October only, at Watsons! Better be fast!

Now I can have pretty coloured hair!!! I hope they actually have more than 3 colours! Maybe purple, baby blue, pastel green?

The coloured hair tresses are clipped on and can be straightened. Super love!!!


Jerine said...

I just dyed my hair. And the Liese I bought didn't come with the free hair extension :( Maybe I got the old stock.

Bear Bear said...

Or maybe the promotion was only available in Singapore's Watsons.