Monday, September 24, 2012

Say Hello!

Mid-Autumn festival is here again! Last Saturday, we went to buy mooncakes! I chose the traditional mooncakes with lotus seed paste and double yolks! Actually, I chose the mooncakes because of their tea set!

After going to the annual library book sale, I stayed at home a lot!!! Seriously, I spent most of my time reading books, sounded like a bookworm, but I was trying to clear some space for my new books!

Been doing lots of DIY stuff lately, one of my favorite is this DIY scarf, cut out from a shirt and sewn together with a beaded chain necklace!

It's been a while since the last time Xiao Bai featured on my blog! So here he is! Happy and healthy!

Bought a cute piggy bank, or a bear bank. Anyway, using some markers, I dressed it up with a tiger hat and... lingerie, hahaha!

I love growing herbs in our kitchen now! My little garden keeps expanding!

Has anyone watched Fringe? It is an American science fiction television series. I love Fringe, the best television series ever!!!

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