Monday, January 07, 2013

I'm back from Taiwan!

Finally I was able to update my blog after a long holiday in Taiwan! We had a wonderful time, I just didn't have the time to blog. Now I'm back to Singapore, I hope to blog about our trip as soon as I can.

We had been well taken care of while we were there, both of us felt loved and pampered! Words can't describe my appreciation towards our family members in Taiwan. From the bottom of our heart, we just want you to know that we love all of you very much! Thank you!

By the way, I usually don't check my emails when I go on a trip, hence I have only read the invitation email from the Singapore Memory Project just now. This is such an honor! Thanks for the invitation and I'm sorry for the long awaited response from my blog! I have already pledged my blog to the site. Let's make more memories!!!

I'm a little hyper right now, due to a few rounds of Bailey's on our flight home, coupled with 2 cups of coffee and a cup of tea! Well, after bathing Xiao Bai, had my shower and unpacked our luggages, my eyes are still big and wide open! Haha!!!

I love the cold weather in Taiwan but I love the hot showers in Singapore even more!!! Because I don't have to jump right into my blanket after my shower! I love to eat fruits and drink fresh fruit juice in Taiwan, yet I miss my habit of drinking 2 liters of water everyday when I am in Singapore! I feel good when I travel, yet I miss Singapore when I'm away.

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