Friday, January 11, 2013

Taiwan trip 2013 day 5

We went to Xin Beitou on the fifth day of our stay in Taiwan. Beitou is well known for its hot springs, it is the most mountainous and highest area of Taipei.

It was a long train ride from our place to Beitou station, so I listened to music to kill time!

We stood all the way there, since the train was quite crowded that day. We didn't mind standing on trains or buses, instead we were happily playing games, quietly!

When we reached Beitou station, we had to change train to go to Xin Beitou station! The mini train arrived with a colorful look, I was quite amazed!

When we got inside the train, Lg looked more excited than me, we walked from one end to another end of the train to see how many displays were on the train. There's several LCD TVs showing some introduction of Beitou, also there were some tables that looked like barrels with in-built TV screens. We also noticed the greenery wallpaper with pictures framed nicely on the train walls.

Slight drizzles when we reached Xin Beitou. It didn't affect our mood at all. We were in high spirits walking towards our destination. There's sign boards everywhere, it's really convenient to see where you should go.

We had a delicious lunch at Yoshinoya!!! I love Yoshinoya, even more so in Taiwan.

We visited the Beitou Hot Spring Museum and the Beitou Public Library that was built like a wooden ship. Everyone was required to change to slippers provided by the museum when entering the museum. This is to protect the delicate wooden floor of the museum.

While we were there, we could smell a strong scent of sulphur and noticed there's many people soaking their feet in the stream. I went down to the stream to feel the water too, it was warm!

I wanted to have my feet dipped in the milky stream too, but we were in a rush to walk to the Beitou Thermal Valley that will be closed at 5 pm.

Finally we reached Thermal Valley, the sulfurous gas was so strong that the whole valley looked really misty, imagine how boiling hot the water must be.

Do you think the mist can be a beneficial facial? Erm, I think so!

We walked pass the Public Hot Spring area. Ahhh, next time I want to try! We didn't have time for a feet dip too, we were rushing back to have dinner with Da Jie's family. On the way back to Beitou station, we saw an ad, showing Tiramisu egg tarts from KFC. I had to try it! So nice!

We had Ma La Ya Xue steamboat at Fu Qi Fei Pian restaurant. I love love the steamboat there. Greedy me ate too much until my stomach wanted to explode. Whenever I met Zhu Xuan, she filled me up with lots of laughter. She is such a joy!

We went back to Da Jie's house after the dinner. Cuddled Po Po as much as I could.

Had strawberries almost every day in Taiwan. It's very sweet! I love Taiwan fruits!

Went to Liao Ning Jie night market to buy supper. We like grilled corns! The corn was coated with layers of sauce that made it very tasty and crunchy with a nice aroma.

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