Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Taiwan trip 2013 day 1

We arrived at the Changi airport around 9 a.m in the morning, 3 hours before our flight. We planned to put aside 2 hours for our duty-free shopping but an unexpected event happened and we were informed that our flight will be delayed until 3 p.m. We weren't upset and quite contented with the free meal vouchers and some conpensation.

We took our time to do our shopping and explored the Butterfly Garden.

The garden area is not big but it's very well maintained and we felt refreshed after spending time there.

I like my hair color that day, so soft and subtle.

Spent more time at Starbucks and surprisingly we enjoyed our leisure time at Changi aiport.

I accidentally took this beautiful picture on our flight and panicked at the glaring sun beaming right into my lens. I read somewhere that this might make my lens go blind.

The first time I could see the sunset above the cloud.
It's such a beautiful view!

We arrived safely in Taipei around midnight. We were both exhausted and sleepy, yet the moment I saw our sister and our brother-in-law, I jumped on them and hugged them tightly. The child in me had taken me over!

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