Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Taiwan trip 2013 day 2 and 3

On the second day, we slept 'til our heart's content then we went over to Da Jie's house and had tangyuan soup, which is glutinous rice ball soup, traditionally eaten during the Winter Solstice Festival.

I especially love the tangyuan soup that Da Jie cooked, she is an exellent cook! Every time we visited her house, I always spend some time with Zhu Xuan. She is such a sweetie pie! Oh, and Po Po, I love to cuddle that fluffy Pomeranian.

Had afternoon tea with San Jie and our twin nephews at Aunt Stella's. I love afternoon tea sessions!!!

Met up with San Jie Fu and had barbecue at Qiu Ji restaurant. Those are mouth-watering skewers!

The next day we had lunch at our favorite restaurant Wan Sushi at Breeze Center with San Jie, Da Jie and Da Jie Fu.

After that we went to explore some streets as planned! We were looking for a particular toy for our dog and we found it. We strolled around the small street in Zhong Xiao East area and I was quite surprised when I saw so many decorated fashion shops lining up along the street.

It's very convenient to shop door after door! I love pretty stuff, but I had to control my shopaholic behavior, I only shopped a little!!!

Shopping in Taiwan is not expensive, I managed to find pretty clothes and accessories as cheap as 150NT. That's less than 7 Singapore dollars. My best find of the day was a ribbon ring with matching earrings. I wore them right away after I bought them.

Had a sumptuous dinner with Da Jie's family and Chi Chi! It's always nice to have everyone gathering and enjoying good food together.

Our star of the day was baby Zhu Xuan! She was so cheery wearing her bright smiles! I adore her very much and I love how her dimple appears when she smiles!

Another year my Lg blew his birthday candle in Taiwan! It was a very memorable night, everyone had a good laugh after Da Jie Fu turned on the battery operated Santa Claus figure singing a Merry Christmas song, followed by a crazy dance from a dancing toy dog.

Da Jie bought Lg his favorite supper Chive Dumplings and Black Sesame Glutinous Rice Balls in Peanut Soup.

To be continued.

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