Sunday, January 20, 2013

Taiwan trip 2013 the last few days

Day 12

We had lunch at En Japanese restaurant with sisters. It's so healthy and yummy!!! It's now our favorite restaurant!!!

After that we strolled around Sogo for some grocery shopping!

We went to Wu Fen Pu after parting ways with our sisters, another round of shopping, for my clothes and accessories!!!

I was really happy to find some pretty clothes at cheap prices!

Had a luxurious teppanyaki dinner at the Brothers Hotel with Da Jie's family!!! We are so blessed to enjoy lots of delicious food whenever we're back to Taiwan! We feel so loved and pampered!

Went back to Da Jie's house and I was astonished to see my nephew's pet!!! It's a ferret!!! Surprisingly it's quite gentle, yet very mischievous! I liked it, except for the musky smell!

We had a dim sum lunch at the Brother Hotel with our Da Jie's family again! Always our favorite place!

Da Jie brought us to a lovely cafe called My Cafe, had the Tiramisu coffee for the first time and liked it very much!!! I'm a coffee addict!!!

Went to Shih Lin night market!!! This time we discoverd lots of new stalls, so we tried more varieties of food! I really liked the Ma La Ya Xue shop there, I will come back!

We love the new Shih Lin, it's more convenient to walk around compared to the old one.

On the next day, we had lunch at Wa Cheng restaurant with Da Jie's family! I love the Thai food there!

Went back to the My Cafe and had a Caramel Macchiato! I love love Macchiato, with caramel, always! I enjoy it best when it's served hot!!!

We walked to the Xin Dian bridge with Zhuang at night! Pretty twinkling rainbow bridge!

Had dinner at Alice Steak House! Marvelous dinner!

That's all about our yearly Taiwan trip this time!

Although we did not manage to fly a Sky lantern and visit Hua Lian as planned, due to the rainy weather! But we had good times with our family, those are precious moments!

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