Monday, January 14, 2013

Taiwan trip 2013 day 6 and 7

Day 6 in Taiwan.

We went to Xi Men Ding to have goose meat at Ya Rou Bian restaurant for lunch, we noticed their restaurant have a new look! Their dishes were delicious as always.

Da Jie, San Jie and Zhuang were with us that day, we all went to try 73 Flavour Ice Creams after the delightful lunch. This shop have many bizarre ice cream flavours such as pig trotter, drunken chicken, pork floss, bitter gourd, ume shu...Their ice creams tasted amazingly nice and unique. A recommended place!

We continued our relaxed afternoon at Starbucks. I always need my afternoon coffee to stay energized. Coffee made my eyes bigger! True story!!!

Since we were already at Xi Men Ding, we just strolled around after parting with our sisters. We saw a store selling white bitter gourd drink and I insisted to buy. Surprisingly sweet!!! Not even a little bit bitter. Lg was quite reluctant to try at first but after that he said it's so nice and posed "bitter gourd" face for a picture.

One of my must-visit shop there is Mirada department store, which sells cosmetics, skin care, hair care, accessories and Taiwan local snacks...They always have random items at super discounted prices up for grabs. It's really worth to have a visit whenever I'm at Xi Men Ding.

We managed to go to Ning Xia night market after our shopping at Xi Men Ding. We explored quite a few food stalls and we especially like the pig trotter with rice and bamboo shoots.

Most of the stalls sell quite common food that we had tried. But I couldn't resist to buy Ma La and Curry fish balls, so I ate plenty that day. Besides, we tried the seafood fried bun with a whole egg inside, I quite liked it! We also tried Popiah, which is radish roll, it's Lg's favorite. My most favorite stall there must be the barbecue stall! Tasty barbecue octopus tentacles!

Day 7 in Taiwan.

On day 7, we traveled by train to Taipei Station underground mall. Lg had a good time shopping for his movies and games, meanwhile, I had my share of shopping for my girly stuff.

We saw one or two Treasure Shop selling pretty accessories at cheap prices. Quite a heavenly place for girls who love pretty little things. There were lots of well decorated shops selling clothes at affordable prices too.

Saw a Japanese confectionary shop and I went crazy shopping for my snacks! I always like Japanese prawn crackers! Their prices were very cheap!

We continued walking towards the temple and there we found some street stalls! I love love the pig blood cake on stick and the scallion pastry there. We also tried the pepper bun and I didn't know it was so juicy inside that the juice spurted onto my clothes when I first bit into it. It tasted really good, I just have to keep in mind how juicy it was.

After that we had beef noodle at Lin Dong Fang restaurant with Da Jie. It's our favorite beef noodle place and the best beef noodle in Taipei, that's why they always have a long queue.

We completed the day with our favorite supper at Liao Ning night market, pig kidney in drunken soup and cuttlefish in thick soup.

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