Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Taiwan trip 2013 day 4

On the fourth day in Taiwan, we woke up to the lovely sunshine in the morning! Before going out, I always like to spend some time hugging Jing Jing, the Chihuahua.

I like it when Lg purposely pose for me, even though he can't do a serious pose most of the time, he likes to do funny faces to make me laugh!

Had a superb lunch at Zhen Hao seafood restaurant with all three sisters and Mei Mei!

This was one of the best seafood restaurant we have tried so far, Lg liked the abalone the most, as always! My favorite dish was a huge sea salted barbecue prawn.

After the delicious meal, we all went to Sogo and accompanied San Jie to look for her new purse, while Er Jie sent Mei Mei back to her school. Saw a glamorous Swarovski Christmas tree. It's so pretty!

Had high tea with all three sisters at Landis restaurant. Have I said too many times that I love high tea sessions? Especially with all the sisters.

We had a sweet time strolling around Taipei 101 area. It was a pleasant weather that day, no rain and breezy!

The 101 building was so beautiful in the evening sky! We were standing among the crowd, watched the changing images from it. There was Santa Claus, Snowman, reindeer, candy cane, a carriage, falling snow...and finally the "Merry Xmas" word appeared and we shouted Merry Xmas to each other.

What a lovely day I had. There were more...

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