Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Taiwan trip 2013 day 8 and 9

Day 8

We took the high speed rail to Hsinchu with San Jie and our twin nephews. It's always fun to have outings with them! As we watched them grow up, we're glad that they have become more caring and sensible, even though they remained little boys inside our hearts no matter how old they are.

I love the 7-11 stores in Taiwan, not only because they have a wide range of food, they also have steamboat! It's so good!

Had lunch at Fu Da Jiang restaurant with Er Jie and San Jie with our nephews and niece. The restaurant serves amazing pork chop and tempura. They even served free flow salad! I super love the fresh and crunchy salad with excellent sauces!

We all went to the new shopping mall in Hsinchu, it's called Big City! Time for some shopping!

We went bowling there! It's the first bowling experience for our twin nephews. They like the game very much!

All the players of our team! We had a great time, playing and relaxing with drinks and snacks! It's a great day!

After the fun game, our twin nephews continued playing more games at the arcade.

Had a luxurious buffet at the Ambassador Hotel for dinner. It's really grand!

I felt grateful spending time with everyone!

We all went to Er Jie's house after the dinner. Everyone was just relaxing and chatting.

We spent the night at Er Jie's cozy home! I like to check out Er Jie Fu's collections all the time!

At night, we heard sound of fireworks, I rushed to the balcony and managed to capture some pictures. It's hard to take a nice picture of fireworks without a tripod! Uhm, but I tried my best!

Day 9

It was cold and raining heavily on the second day we were in Hsinchu. We couldn't go to many outings as planned. Er Jie and Er Jie Fu drove everyone to a tomato and strawberry farm, we spent some time there eating fresh fruits and purchasing some dried goods.

After that, we all had a delicious lunch at our favorite Hakka restaurant.

We went to play bowling again since it rained! Our nephews were so enthusiastic about it!

Late afternoon, we took the high speed rail back to Taipei with San Jie's family. Everyone was exhausted but happy!

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